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    10-13th March 2003

Las Vegas - Nevada

Kris on the flight from San Jose, California to Vegas, Nevada.

Hotel Luxor, Nevada

Inside the Luxor, Kris and the folks.

Changing the camera setting reveals the size of the Luxor inside.

Starting the walk around the strip

You gotta take advantage

All that walking is tiring - Kris has a quick stop for a water massage

As does mother

Ninjas Kris, Dad and Mother.

Waiting for the Blue Man Show to start. (

After the show, the stars come out to say good night

Kris and myself with a 'blueman'

By this time it is night in Vegas, but the strip is still alight

The view from the Inter Hotel Train

Waiting for the Water Show at the Bellagio Hotel

Again changing the camera setting allows the hotel lights to come through

Hotel Bellagio

Excalibur Hotel as seen from our room in the Luxor

Kris and my mother with Excalibur's Dragon

Up at Treasure Island for the outdoor pirate show

The Pirates

The British

The War

More War

A Hit


INSIDE the Venetian Hotel, is an INdoor outdoor - the sky is a roof

and the streets go on

adding flash blinds the camera

A big indoor outdoor square also

another view of the square

Man on stilts

Next to the Venetian is Paris

We mised out the Paris to go straight back to the Bellagio - the water show was starting

The water dances to the music

The music and water are in perfect time

Lighting adds to the effect

The show is held at the road side in front of the Bellagio. The penthouses have te best seat in the house, looking down on to the effect


The silence before the storm

As the show ends water is shot high into the sky

The Bellagio

Tired walking back to the Luxor, there parked next to the raod they left me a new toy.


Flying back from Nevada to San Jose, California

Kind of Hazy but still interesting views

Mountains below



10th March2003
Parents Visit the US. Our trip to Vegas.










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