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    26th July 2003

Keith and Tiffany Turner
Willow Heights, Morgan Hill, California

Kris and I outside Willow Heights for Keith and Tiffany's Wedding

Standing in front of the fountain at Keith and Tiffany's Wedding

Tiffany and her father

Tiffany, the Minister and Keith doin' their thing

Little more to the left please

The married couple


Myself and Kris on the balcony which looks over the valley

Will's table

Kris and I

Feed time



The dance

The pose

The consummation ?

Now the real dance

Excuse me minister, got some drinking to do now

Sunset arrives

Red sky at night

What the hell are you going on about.... Its a parallelogram dammit


That breast implant is a little high isn't it?

Tony again

My telephone number, yes it is '666'

Dave takes to the dance floor

as does Keith


no... a drunk

and another.....

I can take more

I want 2 more

Do you come here often?

Who's round?

No its your round

I said 2 more beers dammit

they have Guinness?

Oh really you shouldn't have

Well hello there

??? I have no idea.....

Worse for wear?









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