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    6th September 2003

Anima & Maani's Wedding Reception
Michigan State University

John with his pre-drinks drink

Barnicle with his

Just realised got to write the speech


Got Beer?

Andy also without beer

Must write speech and say some thing original.... I'd like to thank all the foreigners from Hawaii?

Charlie - On form

Barnicle... also on form


Upper Deck?

The social secretary on table 6

Digging into the feed

The Man

Val and the team

The team which decided 'the-brit' was to become the target of the bottle cosy's


Ladies..... This man does have the best pimpin' pad on the planet

The 'Saturday' dancers

Maani on her best behaviour... Not a fart all night

Mon and Barnicle

Team Animus (I dunno - some cryptic announcement Bill made)

Line dancin?



Everyone had fun

Are those eyes getting glazed?

Permanent state of confusion

I can get a 1/4 in my nose

The Clan

Batman style

Andy, a self portrait

Kris, Andy, An and me (evidently getting a little large)

Lick my nostrils -you bad bad boy

Now your ears

An and Blue... (Anthony)

An and Dad-in-law

The girls


I was so glad when his toast ended

hello little lady, we won't hurt you


Did anyone notice Blue didn't drink much on the Saturday Night?

Oh you did?

So erm, yes...




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